Designed with custom-built solutions to ensure safe and secure hiring
Integrations in hours, not days

Designed and developed for your company with custom-built solutions

custom-built solutions

With SpringVerify, employers can conduct a thorough background screening for multiple candidates simultaneously. Workflow automation enhances system productivity which ultimately leads to streamlined and faster hiring. Furthermore, SpringVerify enables job providers to

  • Hire safely and securely with proper consent from the candidate
  • Automate workflows with seamless integrations
  • Help developers to build their systems easily with API ( Made by developers, for developers)
  • Access candidate information and background screening results with ease

Track with your ATS. Screen with SpringVerify

Track with your ATS

Employers generally follow the conventional norm of tracking job applicants and then screening the background history of the most qualified candidates with an external service provider. This method is obsolete, resource, and time-intensive by all means. Upon integration, with SpringVerify you can

  • Track and screen your candidate‚Äôs background history seamlessly
  • Onboard candidates using the pre-built system at your comfort
  • Hire better candidates with detailed information
  • Save time and streamline your hiring process
Track, screen and onboard better candidates with SpringVerify India
Integrate SpringVerify for quality hiring now!

Integrate SpringVerify for quality hiring now!