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Gain thorough insights on your candidate's past and present directorship to make better hiring decisions with SpringVerify.

Gain thorough insights through our comprehensive DIN Verifications.

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An effective screening process prevents bad hires.

Importance of DIN Verifications

Directorship checks are vital for protecting your business from potential issues that can damage your brand and reputation. Here’s how DIN verification helps employers to make better hiring decisions

Complete factual information is screened to avoid wrong hires

Avoid conflicts that may arise because of the candidate’s past shareholdings

Involvement of the candidates with companies that went bankrupt

Information you’ll know
through DIN Verifications

DIN Verification allows employers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their
candidate’s past and present employment history.

It can help you to:

Know if the candidate is associated with illegal incidents

Access information such as the candidates share of the business

Verify the authenticity of the candidates claim of their past directorship

Easy onboarding

Three simple steps to get started

SpringVerify India smoothens the onboarding process.

Upload candidate information

Initiate the verification process as soon as your candidates enter their unique eight-digit DIN code

Verify the authenticity of the information provided

The Central Government’s Database is thoroughly scanned to confirm the candidate’s DIN code and find potential discrepancies.

Hire the right person

Keep tabs on the verification process and get notified if there’s any discrepancy such as bankruptcy, fraud, etc.

What makes SpringVerify unique?

Easy onboarding

Safe and secure

Transparent pricing

Workflow automation

Tailored solutions based on your requirements

Powered by AI and

Remote-friendly and
contactless verifications

Compliant with ISO 27001, PCI, and more

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SpringVerify is our go-to app for all our background checks. I'm in love with its flexibility, time-bound closures, and a support team that is always ready to answer our queries 24x7.

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Rupasi M

Datarynx Pvt. Ltd.

I'm already in love with the UX. It's extremely user-friendly and self-explanatory. All you have to do is to add the candidate and it takes care of the rest. Right from running checks to real-time updates, flags, and reminders - SpringVerify does the job like a breeze.

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Pushpita G

EZOPS Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

The best part about SpringVerify is its user portal. It provides real-time updates making our HR job easier. The entire process is so seamless saving us a lot of time, effort and resources in the process.

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Rupali M

Integrichain India Pvt. Ltd.

Our experience with Springverify Digital has been pleasant; starting from the sales process to actual deployment, it was smooth, and the team was supportive in case we had any issues. So, Therefore, 10/10 would recommend partnering with Springverify Digital.

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Ankit Jain


SpringVerify is very simple to use. Initiating checks are extremely easy compared to previous product I have used so far. Their candidate and the HR portals are by far the best. Our company relies on SpringVerify everytime we run background checks on candidates.

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Harshavardhan N

Razorsharp Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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DIN Verification - FAQ

How do I check if a DIN is valid?
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1. A DIN (Director Identification Number) is a unique 8-digit number issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to identify a company's directors.
2. To check if a DIN is valid, you can visit the MCA website and use the 'Verify DIN' tool.
3. You can also use the MCA21 portal to search for a director's details using their DIN.
4. Another way to check if a DIN is valid is to use a third-party service provider such as CDSL Ventures Limited.
5. You can also contact the MCA directly to verify the validity of a DIN.
Is DIN KYC mandatory?
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Yes, Din KYC is mandatory for companies registered in India. It is a mandatory requirement for all companies to obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN) from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The DIN is used to authenticate the identity of the directors of the company. It is a legal requirement for companies to obtain DINs for all directors. The DIN is also required for filing various forms and documents with the MCA. So, it is mandatory for companies to do Din KYC.
What is DIN verification for employees?
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A DIN (Director Identification Number) verification for employees is a process of checking an individual's Director Identification Number as part of the pre-employment screening process. The DIN is a unique identification number issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India to individuals who have been appointed as directors of a company.
Why is a DIN verification necessary for employers?
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A DIN verification is necessary for employers to ensure that the individuals they are hiring have a clean track record and are suitable for the position. The DIN verification can help employers to identify any red flags such as criminal convictions or unresolved debts, and make informed hiring decisions.
Is an employee's consent required for a DIN verification?
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Yes, an employee's written consent is required for a DIN verification. Employers should provide a clear explanation of the purpose of the check and how the information will be used.

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