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Hiring made compliant with Global Database Verification

Know if your candidate has been involved in serious or organized crimes - directly or indirectly. SpringVerify scans the global database to ensure safe and secure hiring.

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Importance of Global Database Verification

Global Database Verification reveals vital information on international or domestic criminal involvement. SpringVerify thoroughly screens databases listed on Regulatory, Compliance, Debarment, PEP and Financial Sanctions Authorities globally. This can help you to:

  • Build a safe and secure workplace
  • Be compliant with government regulations
  • Recruit dependable individuals with clean history

Information you’ll know from Global Database Verifications

Global Database Verification helps employers with more insights on their candidates by scanning the global database which contains world-wide information. Here’s what employers will come to know about,

Involvement in serious criminal activities and syndicates

History of criminal records locally and internationally

Latest reports on active crime monitoring data

Easy onboarding

Three simple steps to get started

Upload candidate’s information

A relevant document with the candidate's name, address and father’s name is uploaded.

Scan Global Databases

The Global Database is thoroughly scanned to check if the candidate is involved in criminal activities - directly or indirectly

Get notified of adverse actions

Get prompt, in-depth report on adverse actions if any.

SpringVerify’s robust solution for Global Database Verifications

SpringVerify helps employers scale their hiring without painful bottlenecks. Here’s how SpringVerify helps you make better hiring decision instantly.

  • Seamless API integration with pre-built HRMS systems
  • Class leading turnaround times
  • World’s first Instant Verification on Whatsapp
  • Flexible and transparent pricing (Our most decorated USP)

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I'm already in love with the UX. It's extremely user-friendly and self-explanatory. All you have to do is to add the candidate and it takes care of the rest. Right from running checks to real-time updates, flags, and reminders - SpringVerify does the job like a breeze.

Pushpita G
EZOPS Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

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