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Importance of e-KYC

Why is e-KYC important?

Track with your ATS

KYC Solutions has always been a constant need for businesses of all sizes, especially fast-growing early-stage startups and SMBs. Here’s why Digital KYC solutions are important,

  • Fraud Detection is made simple with liveliness detection
  • Digital KYC provides employers with the best TAT in the industry
  • Enhanced reach in remote locations and customizable workflows
  • Maintaining compliance with government regulations
  • Paperless, contactless onboarding increases potential customer conversions easily
  • Data extraction from document images through OCR
  • Complete Digitization of e-KYC ecosystem as per the guidelines of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDIA)

Seamless eKYC for fool-proof

eKYC solutions from SpringVerify India for fool-proof verificationsSeamless eKYC for fool-proof verifications

Integrate, track, and monitor your verifications easily

Integrate, track, and monitor your verifications easily

Go paperless for all your verifications and build a smooth hiring process from start to finish. Here's how:

  • Mobile-optimized dashboard to monitor and track status
  • Ability to manage Multi-admin support inside the dashboard
  • Manage and generate API Keys
  • Log history provided to track progress
  • Access to API Documentation which makes it super simple for developers
Integrate, track, and monitor your verifications easily
Integrate your HRMS seamlessly with SpringVerify India

Verify without API’s -
Mock Data for Testing

Verify without API’s - Mock Data for Testing

Developers often find it difficult when it comes to integrating with a third-party tool. But SpringVerify makes it super easy you to integrate your HRMS seamlessly. Here’s how it helps you:

  • Run checks without having to integrate the API’s
  • Ability to test before deployment
  • Developers can plan their deployment better in real-time
  • Ability to customize success parameters (endpoints) to get the desired output

Verification API’s by SpringVerify

Face Match

Verify your customer’s identity using Face Match. The Face Match API compares the selfie image uploaded by the customer with the profile image in the ID document.

Liveliness Detection

We use multi-vector image capture and detection algorithms to check the validity of the image uploaded by the user. Identify fraudulent practices such as uploading fake and morphed images effortlessly in seconds.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Our robust OCR helps you verify and capture information from ID documents (Aadhaar/DL/PAN/Voter ID/Passport), read GST numbers from GST certificate, etc. You can also customize the success or failure of OCR by defining the parameters you want to detect as per the use case.

ID Verification

Various ways in which you can verify your customer's identity with simply the "Name" and "DOB."

  • PAN ( With / Without OCR)
  • Passport ( With / Without OCR)
  • DL ( With / Without OCR)
  • Aadhar Basic ( With / Without OCR)
  • Aadhar XML
Bank Account Validation

Verify your customer’s credentials using the Bank Account number and UPI as input.

Company Verification

Under Company Verification, you can verify the following.

  • DIN ( Director Identification Number)
  • CIN (Corporate Identification Number)
  • GST Number
  • LIN (Labor Identification number) / Shram Suvidha
Miscellaneous Verifications

Under miscellaneous or other verifications you’ll find,

  • Vehicle RC Verification
  • CoA Verification (Council of Architecture)
  • Court Record Verification
  • Credit Information Report
Verification API’s by SpringScan

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SpringVerify is our go-to app for all our background checks. I'm in love with its flexibility, time-bound closures, and a support team that is always ready to answer our queries 24x7.

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Rupasi M

Datarynx Pvt. Ltd.

I'm already in love with the UX. It's extremely user-friendly and self-explanatory. All you have to do is to add the candidate and it takes care of the rest. Right from running checks to real-time updates, flags, and reminders - SpringVerify does the job like a breeze.

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Pushpita G

EZOPS Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

The best part about SpringVerify is its user portal. It provides real-time updates making our HR job easier. The entire process is so seamless saving us a lot of time, effort and resources in the process.

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Rupali M

Integrichain India Pvt. Ltd.

Our experience with Springverify Digital has been pleasant; starting from the sales process to actual deployment, it was smooth, and the team was supportive in case we had any issues. So, Therefore, 10/10 would recommend partnering with Springverify Digital.

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Ankit Jain


SpringVerify is very simple to use. Initiating checks are extremely easy compared to previous product I have used so far. Their candidate and the HR portals are by far the best. Our company relies on SpringVerify everytime we run background checks on candidates.

company logo

Harshavardhan N

Razorsharp Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Get Instant KYC Solutions to ensure seamless Onboarding

Seamless Onboarding with Instant KYC Solutions

Digital KYC - FAQ

Why is Digital KYC important?
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Digital KYC is important because it helps organizations to comply with regulations, reduce fraud and financial crime, and improve customer experience by enabling a faster and more convenient onboarding process.
How is the information collected during Digital KYC verified?
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The information collected during Digital KYC is typically verified using electronic document verification, biometric authentication, and/or cross-referencing with government databases.
Can Digital KYC be used for remote onboarding?
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Yes, Digital KYC is well-suited for remote onboarding, as it enables organizations to verify the identity of customers from anywhere, at any time.
Is Digital KYC mandatory for all organizations?
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The requirements for Digital KYC vary depending on the jurisdiction and industry, but in many cases, it is mandatory for organizations that deal with financial transactions or the collection of sensitive information.
How does Digital KYC differ from traditional KYC?
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Digital KYC differs from traditional KYC in that it relies on electronic means for collecting and verifying customer information, whereas traditional KYC relies on paper-based forms and in-person interactions.

Resources for Digital KYC

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Video KYC is set to replace the physical verification process. It is a cost-effective method to reduce the administrative cost of companies.

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