How SpringVerify helped Zinnov & its customers stay compliant by pivoting to Digital Address Verification during the lockdown.


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Zinnov is a fast-growing Global Management Consulting firm partnering with leaders and organizations across the globe to help solve some of their most complex business problems efficiently and at scale. The firm’s deep cross-functional expertise across Talent, Leadership, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Growth, Operational Excellence, and Globalization enables it to drive value-driven outcomes for its clients across industries. Over the last 20 years, Zinnov’s rich industry experience, subject matter expertise, and an entrepreneurial streak has helped it to engender a noteworthy client portfolio of Fortune 100 companies, Unicorns, and Soonicorns from across the globe.

We spoke to Rohit Nair – Project Lead & Program Manager at Zinnov, about his experience using SpringVerify. The below information is a transcription of his responses during our discussion. 

What role does SpringVerify play in Zinnov’s service offerings?

As part of our offering to help global companies set up their India centers, we also implement and program manage the set-up, including talent acquisition. As part of the same, we are responsible for a wide array of HR functions including background verification. As the seed talent plays a very important in shaping the culture of the company, we were looking to onboard a reliable partner to support us in this function and found that SpringVerify fit our criteria.

We have adopted a multi-vendor approach, giving our clients the ability to choose their verification partners. Of those who have chosen SpringVerify, they are happy with the service received and we have not had any escalations/red flags so far. The customers go ahead with whatever verification – education, criminal, identify, etc. – they follow as part of their compliance.

The HR team assigned to our clients on projects are closely aligned to the SpringVerify team, whose services and expertise are relied upon, almost on a daily basis

What were your criteria for choosing a Background Verification partner?

  • The quality of work, the adherence to timeline, and cost were all significant factors for us. SpringVerify’s references, understanding of the space, and competitive pricing are what made us work with them.
  • We wanted to give our clients a great and seamless user experience – which included a completely digital and automated experience through a dashboard and interface, which SpringVerify already had.
  • A strong recommendation from a colleague who met the team is also something that aided the decision to partner.

Can you elaborate on the SpringVerify dashboard and digital experience?

On the SpringVerify platform, I appreciate the filters that help me assess the status quickly and the single-view of the dashboard helps me stay up-to-date about the progress being made, which makes my job easier. Interestingly, the user interface caught our attention the most during the demo. However, the product’s highlight is the facilitation of outcomes though digital – be it a consent form signed by the candidate, upload of basic candidate details – all of it is automated.

Your thoughts about our Customer Service & User Experience?

The product is so good that we barely have to speak to a representative at SpringVerify. There are multiple people in Zinnov who use the service, and I’m happy to share that I haven’t had any escalations so far. This is indicative of a great product and service, making me rate the customer service – 7/10 & the user experience 9/10.

Our Take

SpringVerify’s cutting-edge technology not only enables automation but also makes the entire hiring process more efficient. In addition, it helps create a positive candidate onboarding experience, increasing the probability of a candidate joining the organization.

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last updated Dec 08 2023

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