Faking Experience is increasingly becoming common during a job hunt

Faking experience these days is as easy as editing the LinkedIn profile online. 40% of the forgery cases we unearth at SpringVerify are related to claimed previous experiences of the candidate.

Faking Experience is increasingly becoming common during a job hunt

At SpringVerify, we do background checks on candidates with different backgrounds daily. The challenge is unique every time. And, we do find minor glitches in the profiles now and then.

The most common form of glitch (calling it forgery could be a stretch at times) which we see is related to the past work experiences.

In a recent case of experience forgery, we found that a candidate had claimed prior experience of over five years in place of an actual a year and some change worth of experience.

The ‘employee’ got fired the day we presented the case to the HR. Super-fast execution, we would say! We typically implore all our clients to have empathy and to discuss the findings with the employee before making any hard decisions. The reason is an economic one. We calculated that having the employee stay for a minor charge, with adequate checks in place, could, in turn, be economical than having the complete hiring process repeated

Over 40% of the forgery cases we unearth at SpringVerify is related to previous experience.

We have seen cases of misleading experience history before as well with a dramatic ending to it. We discuss the true cost associated with these findings and the cost of not having the checks done here. And, an ideal way to take the discussions forward with the candidate.

Maharashtra Transport Corporation recently confirmed job candidates were submitting fake experience documents. Couple it with the fact that more than 48% of HR do not check the credentials of a candidate while hiring. And this becomes a very slippery slope to be on.

Apparently, enhancing the experience is a thing amung job seakers these days.

It is pretty common sense if we look at it critically. Why not do it? The competition one faces could very well be doing it, and one could lose out on the opportunity due to honesty. Right?


The easiest form of checks we perform, apparently, is the employment history checks. Finding out if an experience is forged takes about as long as a conversation with a teammate at the firm the candidate claimed to have worked before. An email or a phone call can confirm authenticity.

Yet, this crucial step is overlooked by a majority number of firms. Partly because getting backgrounds checked for all the hires at pace with the hiring team could be a challenging task. It takes a team to get it done. And partly because the costs associated with getting it done by an agency have historically been high.

At SpringVerify, we have worked hard to reduce the costs and the time associated with the checks.

With the advent of technologies like blockchain, we could help build a future where the need to get these checks done would become obsolete. The companies would upload the work histories of teammates on a private chain which would be accessed at a later time to authenticate the experience claimed by a candidate.

We are working on building such a future too with SpringRole — a platform which allows people to have authentic profiles on the blockchain.

The future, as we see it, will be of the people working together with different people. And, we would have the luxury to believe every word presented online by another person. Till that future happens, we will continue conducting background checks and helping people be confident about the people they are working with.

About SpringVerify

SpringVerify is the modern take on the age-old problem of employee verification being costly, tedious, and out of reach of small businesses. We are trying to build a platform where the employee verification process happens seamlessly and with minimal effort required from both the company and the employee.

We believe that employee verification is a must for any business. It is a critical process in ensuring that every employee working with you is faithful and could be trusted. CareerBuilder survey shows that a company stands to lose on average $17000 on a wrong hire. Read more here.

We have built the platform with blockchain and believe that it will change virtually everything it comes in contact with. Blockchain helps us in building a decentralized system which keeps all our data secure and immutable. Read more here.

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