Product Updates

SpringVerify Product Updates 2024


January 2024

  1. Automating Ex-Employee Verification

SpringVerify’s Ex-Employee Verification revolutionizes the traditional verification process, turning time-consuming tasks into opportunities for revenue generation. Automating verifications, not only boosts HR productivity but also transforms cost centers into profit sources. With a simple one-click integration into your HRMS, SpringVerify streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual form-filling or call responses. Moreover, each successful verification becomes a new revenue stream for your organization, enhancing your financial performance effortlessly.

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  1. One-click Slack connect:

Connect with us on Slack effortlessly with just one click. Say farewell to waiting and welcome immediate resolution to your issues. If you’re using SpringVerify – simply go to the ‘MENU’ and select ‘Message us on Slack’. This one-click solution ensures your questions and concerns are quickly addressed.

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  1. Instant Payment Confirmation:

As soon as you finalize a purchase, we ensure an invoice is on its way to you through email, traveling swiftly through cyberspace. This instant process is not just efficient; it keeps you fully informed about your transactions at all times.

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