SpringVerify Product Updates 2023


June 2023

  1. Enhanced Bulk Candidate Upload

A seamless, three-step process for uploading up to 1000 candidate details simultaneously. Directly import from your HRMS/ATS, enjoy the flexibility in data mapping, and let our AI clean and correct your data, identifying any discrepancies for quick adjustments. This efficient, drag-and-drop feature reduces manual effort and error, ensuring a smooth verification journey. Experience this streamlined process firsthand with an exclusive demo tour, showcasing our AI’s power to simplify your verification tasks. 

  1. Portal Login Made Easy with Google and Microsoft Credentials

SpringVerify now offers seamless Google SSO (Single Sign-On) integration, allowing you to log into our portal using your Google Work Email ID or Microsoft credentials. This new feature streamlines access by eliminating the need for separate login credentials. Plus, manage user access effortlessly—when someone leaves your organization, they’re automatically removed from SpringVerify. Simplify your login process and ensure secure, efficient user management with our Google SSO login feature.

  1. Streamlined Legal Consent Process for Blue-Collar Workforce

Simplifying the process of obtaining online legal consent from the blue-collar workforce, we introduce a one-time “Consent Undertaking Letter.” This innovative approach means HR professionals no longer face the hassle of collecting individual consent. By submitting a letter confirming the company’s responsibility for obtaining legal consent from candidates, the verification process can commence without individual submissions. This ensures compliance while significantly easing the administrative burden on HR teams. 

  1. Personalized Check Recommendations

Embrace the future of hiring with personalized check recommendations that move beyond the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Leveraging advanced analytics, we compare your candidate data with industry standards to customize verification checks that align precisely with your recruitment needs. This strategic, data-driven method enhances the quality of your hires, ensuring a perfect match for your organization’s unique requirements. Learn more about it here: [Link]

May 2023 Product Updates

  1. Unified Payments Flow
    Say goodbye to making multiple payments on SpringVerify đź‘‹
    Earlier you could make payments either for Packages only or Credits only in one go. Now you can make payments for both Packages and Credits at the same time. Just choose the packages you need, select the credit amount, and make a single payment for everything at once. You’ll get recharge recommendations based on your usage history for easy decision-making.

2. Request Payment Feature
No more going back and forth with your finance teams to make payments. 🤸
Create an order on SpringVerify and send out an invite to your finance team member(s) from the portal. They can make payments, download invoices and more, all by themselves (without access to the dashboard or candidate details).

3. Additional Cost settings page
Approval of Additional Costs delaying your verification process? Worry no more. đź‘€
Automate approval of Additional Costs while still being in control of how much you spend. Set a threshold for the auto-approval of additional costs. This will help in faster verification and still ensure you are well within your approval budgets.

January 2023 Product Updates

  1. SpringVerify now has Enterprise Grade Security!
    To improve users’ data privacy and secure the platform from any misuse. We have introduced a set of security settings that you can enable. It’s the second layer authentication mechanism available to SpringVerify admins to improve protection against threats to the access and usage of candidate/company data. It includes
    • Password Expiry – Mandate changing passwords periodically
    • Domain Whitelist – Anybody with an email ID outside your company domain is denied access
    • Auto Logout – Logout devices that are idle
    • Auto Disable User – Disable access to employees who quit your organization.
      Learn here about these security setting options in more detail.

2. Bring your organization’s culture alive from Day-0 by customizing candidate communication. A Communication Settings Page is now available to you, with which you can manage the Background Verification Invite email (and Consent email) that goes out to your candidates. Through these settings, you can customize the company logo, brand name, message and even reminder emails that get sent out to candidates.

  1. SpringVerify’s new API page now allows you to generate API Keys for all your custom integration needs with any platform – HRMS/ATS/Payroll/Slack etc. You can either generate a never-ending API key or a short-lived API key based on your need right from the SpringVerify dashboard.
    Read more here.
    SpringVerify currently integrates with top HRMS natively, but this feature allows you to integrate SpringVerify with any platform you want.

4. An upgraded transactions page for all purchase history details with invoices is now on SpringVerify. A unified transactions page that lets you track your purchases and invoices all in one place. Your finance teams will thank you. 🙂

Not just that, we’re constantly working on new improvements and here’s what’s gotten better in our existing features:

  • We’ve given Export Case Reports an upgrade by adding a clickable verification report link, candidate’s SVID and a better file naming format.
  • You now have the option to auto-trim all white spaces on input fields on the SpringVerify dashboard and on the background verification form, which helps in easily adding data.

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