Passport Verification Using MRZ

Passport Verification Using MRZ

Passport is one of the valued identity proofs in the world and the most forged too.


[Originally Published September 6th 2019 Last Update May 13 2022]

“Of all the books in the World, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport. ”


The earliest reference of the passport can be found from the reign of Henry V, in an Act of Parliament dated 1414. Passport, in literal terms, is a document used to pass through the ports of another state. Or, through the gates in city walls (‘portes’ in French) in ancient times. The origin of the word ‘passport’ is still up for debate, but the value it holds is still true to date.

Frauds using Passport

Over the years, there have been different safety precautions taken to curb the frauds through passport verification. Yet the rise in levels of passport fraud is a grave concern. Reportedly Nirav Modi of Punjab National Bank fraud possessed 3 passports.

During a crucial hire, a passport verification service has been used by most firms. The document is a confirmation of the authenticity of an individual in terms of identity. Confirming the authenticity of candidates during a hiring process should be of prime importance for any company.

MRZ Passport Verification

One of the primary verifications involves scanning the MRZ (machine-readable zone) code. The MRZ contains the name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, sex, and passport expiration date of an individual.

During this verification, the Passport MRZ code is checked and matched with the code generated using the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) algorithm. Any inconsistency in MRZ code is indicative of manipulation.

Passport verification is a standard process during a background check by SpringVerify.

Passport is bound to become a major component in an individual’s identity going forward. In a scenario where governments will have identities stored cryptographically, validating an individual would only require an iris scan.

Till such a future happens, individual id verification will have different forms including passport verification system.

Doing background verification yourself is complicated and time-consuming. Try our employee background verification platform, Springverify – where employee verifications happen seamlessly and with minimal effort required from both the company.

About SpringVerify

SpringVerify is the modern take on the age-old problem of employee verification being costly, tedious, and out of reach of small businesses. We are trying to build a platform where the employee verification process happens seamlessly and with minimal effort required from both the company and the employee.

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Why should I conduct a passport verification?

  1. For identity verification purposes.
  2. To ensure that MRZ Passport code is intact.
  3. It offers more effective data validation.
  4. It is an automated bgv process.

Where can I find my MRZ code?

You can find the code at the bottom of your passport. It contains digits, letters, and chevrons.

How many digits are MRZ code?

An MRZ code has a layout of 36 characters- 31 for alphabets, 7 for personal number, and one less check digit.

What if MRZ code doesn’t get detected?

If there is any inconsistency in the MRZ code or the details offered, it is possibly fraudulent.

What can someone do with my Passport details?

Someone with your passport details can use it for fraudulent purposes. They can impersonate you and get access to even confidential information.

How do I find my Passport number?

Here’s how your passport number looks like:

  1. It is 8 characters long.
  2. First two characters are upper-case alphabets.
  3. Next two characters are numbers.
  4. The next character is either a zero or a whitespace character.
  5. Next 4 characters are any numbers from 0-9.
  6. Last character is any digit between 1-9.

[Originally Published September 6th 2019 Last Update May 13 2022]

That was all about Passport Verification, there are plenty of other documents you can use for verification purposes. If you’re searching for more details around it, here’s what can help you:

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