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OnJuno is a modern digital banking platform that provides people with an easy way to manage and grow their idle money. Its mission is to make banking simple yet beautiful. OnJuno is backed by Sequoia Surge, Polychain, and industry-leading executives. OnJuno aims to Make Banking Fair and Transparent, a neo banking platform designed to help people grow their savings and reach their financial goals faster.

We recently spoke to Aashish Punjabi, Talent Acquisition Manager, OnJuno, about the transformation in OnJuno’s hiring process and the road ahead. Read on.


The Challenge: A tedious and out-of-date verification process


Aashish is a strong advocate of a transparent hiring process and follows the same at OnJuno. During the past year, Aashish closely observed the hiring process at OnJuno and figured out some bottlenecks that were slowing the hiring process. 

On asked about the challenges, Aashish said, “We have a good 4 round interview process, where the stakeholders are involved, and together with select the right fit candidate. The challenge was the verification process that we followed. We sent a PDF to the candidate. The candidate had to fill up the PDF, upload the documents and send it to us. This was completely outdated, required us to follow up numerous times with candidates, and then we had to take up the responsibility of collecting and storing the documents and information. Our verification process was ages behind for a Fintech company that prides itself on making things smooth for our customers. This had to change.”

Aashish realized this was a painful process not only for the HR team at OnJuno but also for the candidates. This resulted in unnecessary delays. With OnJuno looking to strengthen its workforce in the coming months, determined to find a solution to this challenge, Aashish started searching for a background verification tool. That’s where he stumbled upon SpringVerify

The Solution: SpringVerify’s automated background verification platform, implemented within a week

Our team got on a call with OnJuno and demonstrated how the platform worked. Aashish and the team were impressed with the ease of use and the varied number of checks we offered. The digital address verification was also something that OnJuno liked. It ensured safe and authentic verification, especially when hiring remotely. OnJuno HR team opted for the below verifications:

  • ID verification
  • Address verification
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Court record verification
  • Reference checks

Our platform was implemented within a week, and OnJuno was ready to switch to a completely automated verification process. 


The Impact: Streamlined hiring process for an expanding team

OnJuno has been using SpringVerify for 5 months now and is confident that it will boost their hiring process. By switching to SpringVerify, OnJuno’s HR team has seen a reduction in their hiring time and is well on course to expand their team by 2X. 

Want to know how SpringVerify can help you transform your hiring process?

Updated on Dec 05 2023

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