Hospitality/Hotel background Checks: Why are they Important?

verfication in hospitality sector

With more and more people willing to spend lavishly for a peaceful vacation or a relaxing break, the hospitality sector is growing dramatically. In this scenario, hotel background checks are becoming more important day by day.

A tourism survey conducted by the TravelTriangle has confirmed that 54% of Indian travelers will take at least one holiday every year. With a hike in the scope of freelance work and remote jobs, these numbers are certainly going to rise within no time. This showcases the way towards a growth in the hospitality sector as well.

Growth of the Hospitality Sector In India

With so many tourist activities happening around, the financial contribution of the hospitality and leisure sectors is expected to reach 32,05,000 crores by 2028, according to a survey conducted by IBEF.

Okay, maybe we should consider this from a smaller scale! In India, with the coming up of new trends, people now prefer dining at least 2-3 times a week. Leaving vacations and holidays behind, the ‘dining out’ pattern itself increases the demand for the hospitality sector. 

KPMG expects the hospitality sector in India to grow at 16.1% CAGR to achieve 2,796.9 thousand crores in 2022.

As the demand for trained professionals in the hospitality sector is experiencing steady growth, mass hirings are taking place in almost all prominent organizations. 

When so many people are being on-boarded in haste, the chances of toxic resources getting into your workplace is also high. People who have a negative trait can degrade the reputation of your organization. They might even become a serious threat to your enterprise.

Choose your employees wisely, only after a healthy hospitality background check.

The Need for Credible Employees

Employment in the hospitality sector demands a lot of live interactions with clients. A slight mistake can create a lot of problems. So randomly hiring people to fill the positions would become a huge headache later on. 

How they talk, behave, and act along with the customers will immensely impact the business. Without a proper background check, you should not be taking the risk of allowing your employees to interact with your privileged guests openly. 

Here, your employees are not just people who get your work done, but they are also the face of your brand. Your brand value is developed and maintained through them. Naturally, they will have huge influential power over your clients. 

So you need people who will hold your brand name high, at any cost.

Your employees might also come in constant contact with sensitive information. Can you guarantee that they will not use it against you or your customers? If you are not 100% sure about this, then you have put yourself at a big risk. They might even come across bulk cash amounts. 

It is important that the hotel background checks to ensure that their previous records show that they can be trusted with cash and sensitive data.

These are a few basic concerns that have to be addressed before you welcome a new person to your company. But the risks of hiring unprofessional people can be even more severe. A few steps of background checks can help you avoid it,

There have been a lot of cases where malpractices by the employees have made the whole organization fail. 

How To Seize Only The Best Workforce through Hotel Background Checks?

A hotel background check can tell you a lot about your potential employees. Hire the best professionals by opting for comprehensive background verification of the candidates. 

It will help you understand all the relevant details of the applicants. You get to know them well once you are aware of their previous employment details, education, and experience. If you approach the right agency, you can even find out their actual reason for leaving the last job.

After all, your employees are the ones who finally showcase your brand in the hospitality sector. It’s time to stay active while you hire. 

You can’t afford to skip the background verification process and knowingly invite risk into your business if you value your integrity.

As Benjamin Franklin said: 

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

Doing background verification yourself is complicated and time-consuming. Try our employee background verification platform, Springverify – where employee verifications happen seamlessly and with minimal effort required from both the company.


What are the types of background checks for the hospitality industry?

The different types of hotel background checks include:

Do hotels do background checks on guests?

Hotels do not conduct a background check on guests. They only ask for an ID.

Do restaurants do background checks?

It is ideal for even restaurants to do background checks for the potential employees in order to ensure good and reliable hires.

Do hotels drug test for housekeeping?

Yes, hotels also conduct drug testing procedures for potential employees.

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