background verification

[Free eBook] Getting started with Background Verification: Everything you need to know

The initial phase of onboarding an employee, partner, or vendor involves background verification, which plays a crucial role in establishing a lasting relationship between the employer, employee, and other stakeholders. This guide aims to assist you in efficiently planning your background verification process, ensuring that both the HR team in your organization and the candidates/partners/vendors have a positive and satisfying verification experience.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of background verification – Why and How it’s done
  • Why background verification and who all need verification?
  • What are the different checks and how do you plan which set of checks apply to your employees/partners/vendors?
  • How to automate background verification? How to manage background verification during large-volume hiring?
  •  How to choose a background verification service provider? Using a partner v/s doing it yourself.
  • How often should you check your employees?
  • Understanding a background verification report.
  • How to create a great first impression through background verification – candidate experience and why it’s important?
  • What to expect and how to handle cases with discrepancies and insufficiencies?