Address verification

Efficient Address verification Is Tricky

Address Verifications is one of the most challenging prospects we undertake during background checks.

Address verification

Address check along with identity check is a crucial verification criterion for any service provider. There are address documents which could be used to verify the residence like Aadhaar or Passport, but these serve a mandate.

These ID proofs could only help with a residence attached to an individual and cannot confirm if the individual resides at the address. It is where the problems start.

The address an individual provides during a background check could be an old address or a false one. This is the reason a physical verification by a field agent is the only way to verify an address accurately.

Most countries have a national address database which could be accessed for verifying anyone’s address. Having such a database in India with the multiverse of languages and culture is close to an impossibility.

There is, of course, Aadhaar which is the biggest repository of human data ever compiled in the history. It includes addresses, but, the addresses wouldn’t help you get to the residence, let alone confirm if the bearer lives there.

The address verification process

SpringVerify conducts hundreds of address checks daily. These checks include the remotest of places in India to confirm the permanent address of a candidate may be working in Bengaluru.

The address check is part of the standard checks we do at SpringVerify and a process we tackle daily. We have infused the process with technology to the extent possible, yet it remains an operational nightmare. The reason for the complexity lies in the fact that there is human effort involved in confirming addresses.

A SpringVerify agent is assigned to every address verification task who will:

  • Visit the address in question
  • Take images of the residence with the candidate
  • Upload the image through a secured app
  • Finally, provide a confirmation

The challenges we overcome with technology

  • Time Management: The process looks straightforward until we realize that finding a mutual time for the candidate and the agent to visit the address in itself is tough. The candidate or someone from his/her family needs to be available at the residence to verify. We use notifications and updated time slots to make sure the address check happens at the first instance.
  • Safety: Making sure of the safety of both the candidate and the agent while performing the address check is crucial. The agent at no point has the actual phone number of a candidate. The calls are always routed through different call bridges for safety and anonymity. We also make sure we verify the identities of the agents before we allow a check performed by them. It is essential for the process to be successful and as error-free as possible.
  • Data Security: The data collected from the residence in the form of images and confirmation notes are uploaded via an encrypted device to our databases. The information is never available with the agent to access and is written to encrypted servers to keep it from appending even by our backend teams.

About SpringVerify

SpringVerify is the modern take on the age-old problem of employee verification being costly, tedious, and out of reach of small businesses. We are trying to build a platform where the employee verification process happens seamlessly and with minimal effort required from both the company and the employee.

We believe that employee verification is a must for any business. It is a critical process in ensuring that every employee working with you is faithful and could be trusted. CareerBuilder survey shows that a company stands to lose on average $17000 on a wrong hire. Read more here.

We have built the platform with blockchain and believe that it will change virtually everything it comes in contact with. Blockchain helps us in building a decentralized system which keeps all our data secure and immutable. Read more here.

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