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Swageazy is a Promotional Gifting platform that enables companies to shop, store, and ship the highest quality gifts (referred to as swags) worldwide with the click of a button. One can send swag to remote teams, clients, or business partners with a single click. It has curated a list of the best gifts, making sure every product you order you’re proud to show off.

We spoke to Sameer Wahie, Founder of Swageazy, about his experience using SpringVerify. The below information is a transcription of his responses during our discussion. 

What was your requirement?

In every organization, the first 5-10 employees come from personal contacts, so we don’t think of background verification at that point. But beyond that, when we start hiring from job portals, there is a need for verification to ensure all the details shared by the candidate are truthful.

By the time Swageazy had 7+ employees, we wanted to organize, store employee details, and verify every new hire to ensure a trustworthy team.

Why SpringVerify?

I learned about SpringVerify from a reference. The product is amazing, and there was no doubt about going for it.

Describe your experience from interacting with the SpringVerify team.

When I got a demo from the sales team of SpringVerify, I was amazed by it. 
It is what a tech workplace wants. There is no back and forth on email and WhatsApp for each verification, and the entire process is simple and fast. 
We were also clear that the provider we chose will partner for the next 100-200 verifications; with SpringVerify, it was an easy decision to make. 

What is SpringVerify to you?

For me, SpringVerify is the DASHBOARD. I just need to add basic contact information, and everything else is automated – a request email is triggered to the candidate who uploads the docs. 
Then, the SpringVerify team carries out the verification. Next, I get all the status updates on the dashboard, be it progress, insufficiencies, discrepancies, etc.

 Finally, a detailed report is generated and made available for download.

What are your thought about our pricing?

I had a bigger budget in mind for each employee verification, but SpringVerify’s flexible plans make it very affordable and nominal for small companies like ours.

What do you think about our Customer Service & User Experience?

From the demo call to our verifications, communication has been very smooth and seamless. So I would rate the service 10/10.

For what problem it needs to solve, SpringVerify is easy to use and to-the-point. I also see constant updates in the UX, Features and other aspects. Each time it only gets better. So I would rate 8/10 in terms of user experience.

Our Take

SpringVerify is built of small and large businesses. The goal is to take full responsibility of the verification process and make the life of HRs easier during candidate hiring.

Want to know how SpringVerify can streamline your hiring process

Originally published on Dec 14, 2021 02:25 PM, updated Dec 04 2023

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