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Sugoi Labs is a team of passionate individuals to build experience-rich web and mobile applications. They have developed and delivered apps across Fin-Tech, Social, Education, eCommerce, and business management solutions with varied complexities.

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The Challenge

We were 7-8 people two years back when we decided to onboard a background verification service provider. We wanted to have background checks for all our employees as a standard. We were short of bandwidth in-house and wanted to outsource the function to a reliable tech partner with a fast turnaround time. 

Why SpringVerify?

We found SpringVerify through a reference and loved the service. 

I can get my background checks customized as per my needs. It’s a one-stop solution that provides a dynamic & effective SaaS platform along with top-notch service. The process automation ensures that everything is taken care of without manual intervention or conversation with the team every day. We only upload the basic details on the portal, and the SpringVerify team handles the request to follow-up and completion all by themselves.

SpringVerify stood out in terms of speed, simplicity, and proactive service.

What do you love about SpringVerify?

  • The self-serve platform was the cherry on the cake. The best part was that we did not have to interact with a SpringVerify representative daily and simply upload details on a portal. Instead, I could just provide access to my HR personnel, and everything else is automated. 

  • The dashboard gives us a birds-eye view of the verification status for all the candidates – the insufficiencies, progress, number of verifications in line, blockers, etc. It makes the whole experience quick and easy. 

How has SpringVerify helped you improve your onboarding process?

Earlier, our HR team did the detail collection, documents, and follow-ups over email. We also had to organize and store it on Google Drive/Dropbox by ourselves. 

SpringVerify has eliminated our involvement in the process by handling document collection, verification, follow-up, status updates, reports, document storage, and everything else.

After completing a couple of candidate verifications with SpringVerify, we were so delighted with it. We knew that we wanted to continue the association in the long term.

seamless & hassle free

Our Take

SpringVerify is for both small businesses & large enterprises. The simplicity and ease of usage make it appropriate for any business scale. Especially for small businesses with limited resources and entrepreneurs who often have to handle hiring alone, automating helps them use their time more efficiently. SpringVerify aims to take responsibility for background verification end-to-end and free up users’ time for more important tasks.

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Originally published on Dec 10 2021, 12:08 PM, updated Dec 02 2023

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