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Sprinto is a compliance enabling platform helping organizations to be SOC, GDPR, and ISO compliant minus the hassles. Sprinto aims to replace all the manual, error-prone, repetitive busywork with automation. The program is designed to empower organizations to move with confidence rather than slowing them down.

The Challenge

Sprinto is a compliance enabler platform. They empower companies to cut through the compliance noise with a seamless automated setup that ensures all the compliance needs are met. 

Data security is something that companies invest a fortune in. A robust infosec structure relies on experts who are trustworthy and have a clean background. So when Sprinto wanted to expand their team, they were sure that background verification should be a part of their hiring process. 

Sprinto was sure about partnering with a background verification tool. This would give them more control and visibility over the entire process and ensure thorough verification.

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The Solution

Sprinto was looking for an automated background verification platform that was accurate and authentic in its process. From our initial discussions with the Sprinto team, it was clear that they needed a seamless, automated solution to reduce the dependency on the HR team. 

Our team demonstrated how the entire process worked and the Sprinto team was impressed with the ease of using the platform and also the hassle-free experience from the candidate side of things. 

SpringVerify was implemented within a week and the team started using the platform to verify candidates. 

The checks that they required were:

  • ID verification
  • Address verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference check
  • Education verification
  • Court record verification

The Impact

Since implementing SpringVerify, Sprinto has incorporated automated background verification for all its hires. The Sprinto team just entered the candidate details in the SpringVerify platform. Then on the entire process of sending out emails, collecting documents, highlighting insufficiencies was taken care of by the tool providing a structured view in the form of dashboards. 

The easy-to-use dashboard, the timely updates about the verification process, and the quick turnaround time were among the most appreciated benefits stated by Sprinto. 

Sprinto is now empowered to hire the best candidates after a thorough and accurate screening. This has eased the burden of their team and freed up time to focus equally on other HR tasks. 

Want to know how SpringVerify can streamline your hiring process?

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