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SpotDraft is a contract automation and management software. SpotDraft makes end-to-end contract lifecycles smoother, faster, and easier, so lawyers get more time to focus on work that really matters. The AI-driven solution empowers in-house legal teams to save up to 10 hours per week and helps them close deals 25% faster, freeing them to focus on more strategic projects. SpotDraft includes a contract creator, a contract repository, a collaboration tool, a native and fully compliant e-signing solution and personalized data-driven Insights. SpotDraft is made by lawyers for lawyers with the idea to make the in-house legal team business enablers.


The Success Story

We recently caught up with Husnaa B, Business Partner- Human Resources at SpotDraft, on how a thorough background verification has helped them ensure quality hires to their team. Read On.

Can you tell us about SpotDraft and your typical work day?

Absolutely! SpotDraft is a contract automation and management software built for businesses of all sizes. It helps organizations to create, store, and manage their contracts more efficiently. We were founded in 2017 and leverage AI to enable in-house legal teams to deliver faster and focus on work that matters by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks from their to-do list.
Since our inception, we’ve scaled exponentially and now have a team of around 150  across India and the USA.

A typical day for me is a combination of operations and strategy. We are a hybrid setup, so there are many areas to manage. I am also responsible for structure, organization policies and the stuff, so I would say anything and everything HR.

What is the hiring process at SpotDraft?

Hiring at SpotDraft is an end-to-end internal process. The HR team takes care of sourcing, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews for the candidates and are involved in the entire process till the candidate joins.  We plan our hiring at the beginning of the year, the strategies, and the revenue goals, and based on that, we start the process.  My involvement begins after the offer letter; however, as a part of the team, I oversee that our efforts and hiring goals are conclusive. 

Is there an assessment process that SpotDraft has for hiring?

Not initially, but yes, once we feel that a particular candidate has the necessary skillset and is someone we would want to have in our team, we then go ahead with the BGV process for the candidate to ensure that whatever they have stated in their resumes is accurate and authentic.

Was background verification always a part of the hiring process at SpotDraft?

I would say as we scaled, we sort of structured our hiring process, and that’s when we decided to have a platform for our background screening process. It has been almost 2 years since we started using SpringVerify, and it has absolutely standardized our hiring process. 


How was the background verification conducted before SpringVerify and what were the challenges faced?

Before SpringVerify, it was manual. Our team used to do the reference checks the traditional way- reach out to previous employers or managers and ask about the candidate. It was time-intensive and did not always provide accurate results. But as we expanded, and especially in a hybrid work mode where most of the interviews were virtual, the manual process felt outdated. One of the main challenges is that a lack of a BGV partner makes the hiring process chaotic. The HR team has to double down on their efforts and reach out to people for references, and there is always room for human error. 

How did you decide on SpringVerify as your BGV partner?

Manual verification is bound to have some errors. For a fast-growing startup like us, we wanted to ensure that candidates with the best skills and authentic backgrounds are added to the team. Wrong hires hit organizations severely revenue-wise, and we wanted to steer clear of that. Once we were clear that every employee who joins SpotDraft needs to clear x number of checks, it became easier to narrow down on a BGV partner. Where SpringVerify stood out was for its automation and ease of use. You just had to upload the candidate’s CV, and the process was initiated.
The dashboard gave a real-time update on each candidate’s verification progress. We could easily visualize the ROI with SpringVerify.
You just had to upload the candidate’s CV, and the process was initiated. The dashboard gave a real-time update on each candidate’s verification progress. We could easily visualize the ROI with SpringVerify. The automated platform, interim reports, and quick turnaround time easily saved us 3-4 hours daily. All information was right there in a compact, easy-to-view format. Importantly, it saved us the hassle of lengthy email chains.

Should every organization have a BGV partner? How important is that?

I would say that with SpotDraft, we realized the need and the importance quite early on. I have heard of situations where after the candidate has joined, the documents they submitted did not justify what they stated in their resumes or the interview process. A background verification partner becomes all the more important for remote or hybrid work modes. You are hiring from different parts of the country or even globally, and how do you ensure that the candidate is what they are claiming? A background verification partner will take the guesswork or gut feeling out of your hiring process and lay out the data for you. Afcourse, you can chat with the candidate to know their side of the story about a situation, but at least such a situation is brought out in front of you. Something that also might help the candidate open up about whatever has happened. Essentially, I would say that a background verification partner empowers you to make an informed hiring decision.

That’s a great way to put it! How has the experience been so far with SpringVerify?

It’s been fantastic! I am a huge fan of how minimal involvement is required from our side. You upload the CV, choose the checks required and then leave it to SpringVerify. There are constant emails about the progress; the dashboard is fantastic, and the end-to-end follow-up is completely taken care of. My team does not need to step in and ask what’s the status here or where we are in the process. There is complete transparency and visibility. In fact, I also like the fact that if any verification process requires an extra check, the team waits for my approval and then goes ahead with the process.


What would you say about the turnaround time with SpringVerify?

I would definitely vouch for it. The number of emails that go out from SpringVerify to the candidate asking for all the documents and the follow-up is amazing. I can see that efforts are being put in, and the turnaround time is fantastic. Where a manual process would have taken us at least a month, SpringVerify does it in almost 7 or 14 days at the most, depending on the kind of checks involved. But yeah, very happy with the turnaround time.

How would you rate the user experience and customer support out of 10?

The customer support is amazing, I would unhesitatingly rate them 10/10. For the ease of product, it has been wonderful and easy; I would definitely rate it an 8/10

Our Take

SpringVerify is for both small businesses & large enterprises. The simplicity and ease of usage make it appropriate for any business scale. Especially for small businesses with limited resources and entrepreneurs who often have to handle hiring alone, automating helps them use their time more efficiently. SpringVerify aims to take responsibility for background verification end-to-end and free up users’ time for more important tasks.

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 last updated Dec 14 2023

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