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“Fast turnaround times make Signeasy a leader in their category” – Here’s how they accelerated turnaround times for their candidate verifications, from 2 months to ~7 days, with SpringVerify


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Signeasy is a cloud-based solution to electronically sign and fill documents from any mobile device and computer, To be most user friendly reliable and secure signature platform and to simplify the lines of people and businesses so that they can focus on what without chasing paperwork, Signeasy is the first support new software like Anroid, ios and new devices like iPad.

Over 100,000 customers from 180 countries trust Signeasy to reduce paperwork turnaround times, close deals faster, cut costs and improve the customer experience by eliminating the cumbersome print-sign-scan-fax process. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with your business workflows across popular applications like G-Suite, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox.

We spoke to Loina Dhal – Executive Human Resources at Signeasy. Below is an edited summary of the transcription of the discussion where she shares her experience using SpringVerify.

We are delighted with SpringVerify. It’s very real-time and straightforward to use.

With our previous background verification partner, we initiated the candidate verification and then followed up constantly until the verification was complete. We faced a lot of difficulties getting the verifications done on time.

With SpringVerify, we have had the best result. I just have to go to the portal and initiate a candidate verification, and the team owns the rest. Initiating verification is the only effort/contribution from my end. 

Responsiveness and turnaround time are the two core factors for why we wanted to change from our previous vendor to SpringVerify. That objective is clearly achieved.

The most critical pain point that we faced with our previous verification partner was that we had to wait for 15 days to 1 month for a status update on candidate verifications. I had to keep checking the portal for the verification status and wonder why it isn’t changing from in-progress to complete.  We had to spend a lot of time and effort to get the checks done. That was the main reason for switching to SpringVerify.  

I see a status update being available almost immediately on the SpringVerify portal. Even if I reach out to the Account Managers for anything, the response is virtually instantaneous – they have taken a maximum of 2hrs. So, I don’t have to follow up with them again and again.

My favorite aspect about SpringVerify is how it allows me to skip the UAN and directly initiate candidate verification.

 The background verification starts as soon as the offer is accepted, but a UAN number is created only after the candidate joins the firm. So earlier, I had to wait to start the verification process until the candidate joined because the UAN was mandatory to initiate verification with previous vendors.

The level of automation that SpringVerify offers is outstanding.

During the demo, I was shown how to initiate the background verification, which emails would be sent out to the candidates, and the overall process. Again, I was surprised at how easy it could make our lives.

Billing communication and documentation are also very organized at SpringVerify. Every small thing is detailed very clearly, and all queries are answered so promptly. The team is a quick call away. It’s also very cost-effective compared to other vendors in the market.

When I initiate a candidate verification, I see that an ID verification, address, and employment check are mostly complete within seven days. Therefore, my time and energy are saved to a large extent. I only need to log into the portal and check when I need to. It barely requires any time to do this.

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