Posco Maharashtra Steel saved 90% of time and effort with SpringVerify; making their candidate verification process most efficient.


Established in 2012, POSCO Maharashtra Steel provides high-quality Galvanized and Galva annealed steel that is applicable to various industries, such as construction, home appliance, and automotive industries. POSCO Maharashtra Steel company is 800+ members strong.

We spoke to Ashwini Randhir – HR Professional at Posco Maharashtra Steel and below is a transcription of her views on being a SpringVerify user.  

We were looking for a secondary service provider for our background verification requirements just in case we needed backup. 

I look after background verification and recruit employees, which we used to do on a manual basis earlier. But a manual process was a very tedious job with all the documentation follow-ups and everything just kept on adding a pile of work along with other responsibilities. 

We were already associated with a couple of vendors. But as a backup plan, we wanted to tie up with a few more service providers. During our search for a backup vendor, we found SpringVerify and it turned out so good that we shifted our existing service provider as a backup and SpringVerify as our primary vendor which was never the initial plan.

When we interacted with your team, we understood your product and your service and realised – Yes, this is exactly what we wanted.

Little to no follow-up was our main criterion and it has crossed our expectations.

We wanted background verification to be real-time and automated with the least follow-up from our end. Because we were onboarding a third-party vendor so that we can have lesser involvement in the function and focus on other tasks. SpringVerify has really outperformed in all possible ways. It’s made our experience more than satisfactory.  

Everything changed in our background verification process with SpringVerify and it all changed for good

The main change was that EVERYTHING WAS ONLINE, and not a single paper was needed to be maintained. Our earlier service provider wanted everything to be provided to them on paper, it was our responsibility to get the candidate’s consent letter and necessary documents. But with SpringVerify, we have to just submit the candidate’s basic details like name and contact details and the rest is taken care of by the team. So everything went from manual to online with little to no follow-up.

Earlier, I would receive calls from candidates hesitant to sign documents that the physical address verification agent would ask for. But SpringVerify has completely eliminated that for us with their online address verification technology. 

The entire process is online, including the address verification. The candidates are so well guided, that they just do it on their own without the need for our involvement. Initially, I was sceptical when it came to addressing verification since the candidate/their family have to do it on their own through their phone. I was very doubtful whether they would be able to do it or not. If not the candidate, I wondered if their parents will be complaining about it. But, so far, I haven’t seen any such concern from any of the candidates verified so far.

The real-time summary and detailed reports from SpringVerify are very helpful in presenting our progress (from sourcing candidates to their onboarding) to the management.  

Earlier we could not do this, because we did not have real-time reports, but now SpringVerify reports have helped better present our data facts to the management.

We thought this being an online feature, would be costing more than what we were paying for our earlier service. But it matches the standard pricing in the industry. Pricing is pretty fair, in fact, much lesser than what we expected. 

Regarding customer support. It’s awesome. I can just tell the SpringVerify team that I’m facing an issue or I need help. And the problem gets solved, then in there.

Whenever I have concerns, I just put my issues in the chat box and immediately receive a solution. There are no sending emails and following up every now and then. This saves my efforts by 99%. And of course, except for the employment verification, the rest of the verifications are often completed within a couple of days. This is a drastic change in the organization. 

SpringVerify product updates are so frequent that not only is the product getting better than it already is, but with its new features, the bugs (if any) get fixed even before we can notice/be affected by them. 

I see frequent product update emails and new features on SpringVerify, it feels great to get something more than what we signed up for. A lot of new features have really changed the game for us. One really great addition to the experience was getting to know if the candidate has received the initial verification email and if the candidate has viewed the email or not. I was quite impressed with this upgrade. 

Shwetha Parshi

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