How leading InsurTech company – Pazcare streamlined BGV for their hiring surge with SpringVerify


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Pazcare is an InsurTech company that curates wellness experiences and health packages for employees. They work on comprehensive health insurance plans, including Group Health Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance, and Group Term Life Insurance. Pazcare makes it easy to personalize and manage employee benefits with a tech platform. Each employee gets an app where they can claim and use their benefits conveniently. Everything is transparent and guided by the best insurance experts and success managers to maintain a healthy employer-employee relationship.

We spoke to Prathima Shetty – HR Manager at Pazcare, about her experience using SpringVerify. Below is a transcription of her responses during our discussion. 

What were your pain points?

  • Earlier in my career, I worked in organizations with no background verification, and we saw candidates absconding after receiving assets, integrity issues, etc., and HRs of organizations cannot go around verifying candidates. This is the main reason for emphasising professional background verification service providers like SpringVerify.
  • 5 years back, when I was doing background verification, I remember we would have to scan documents and send them over email to the background verification service provider. Everything else would happen manually and with multiple follow-ups. In this email exchange, I used to have 100 -200 emails to attend to daily, which took most of my hours in the day. 

What’s your experience using SpringVerify?

  • There is nothing manual in background verification; everything happens online and on a system. The candidate themselves upload the documents, and all I need to do is initiate a background verification. 
  • The response rate of the SpringVerify team is outstanding. I always get immediate support from the team. And even if there’s a delay, the POC responds to me within 24 hours, which is great. 
  • As far as the SpringVerify portal is concerned, there have never been issues with lagging or updates; everything happens smoothly and seamlessly. I love it!
  • On SpringVerify, the portal is super simple, and I have to barely spend a couple of mins initiating a check and only check back if I need updates. There’s literally no other effort involved which makes this process really easy for us. 
  • The verification report is the most helpful for me. I get to see each and every detail starting from document copies, email conversations, summaries of verifications, etc. 
  • The one-view dashboard with all the verification statuses is also useful. It helps me get a quick understanding of the progress of the verifications.

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