How Newmark built its India team of 500+ employees in 2 years and automated background verification with SpringVerify


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Newmark is a world leader in commercial real estate, seamlessly powering every phase of the property life cycle based out of the USA. Newmark’s services and products include real estate brokerage, leasing, capital markets (including investment sales), global corporate services, industrial and logistics services, landlord representation, multifamily, property management, retail services, tenant representation, valuation and advisory services, real estate management technology systems, workplace and occupancy strategy, consulting, project management, and lease administration. Newmark enhances these services and products through innovative real estate technology solutions and data analytics designed to enable its clients to increase their efficiency and profits by optimizing their real estate portfolio.

In 2020 Newmark established their business in the Indian market and, within 2yrs, scaled its hiring to 500+ employees. In addition, Newmark onboarded SpringVerify to take care of their candidate background verification from the beginning. 

We spoke to Harsha Agarwal, Senior Manager - Human Resources at Newmark. Below is a transcription of the discussion where she shares her experience using SpringVerify.

We started our background verification journey with SpringVerify in 2020. The stakeholders in the USA were particular about doing background checks for all our new hires because of the data access they would be getting on the job. My boss came across SpringVerify and was interested in trying the service. We are delighted since the very beginning. 

Turnaround time of ~7 days was one of the most significant factors for considering SpringVerify, as our hiring plan was ambitious. While the other companies we spoke to gave us a timeline of 3 weeks, which was too long for us.

Initiating a check with the candidate's basic details is everything that I have to do to start the verification process. After that, SpringVerify handles the rest for us.

With SpringVerify, I focus on other important aspects of hiring at my organisation. Since I started using SpringVerify, constant feature updates and bug fixes have been seen. If anything, the experience has only gotten better with time. 

Of the recent updates, my favourite one is the email report about how many candidate form submissions are overdue and by how many days. It also has immediate call-to-action buttons directly linked to Whatsapp, phone number, or email address.

It saves a ton of time for me and also helps me keep up with deadlines. It also eliminates the need to log in to the portal merely to check for status updates. It’s like the icing on the cake. Owing to all the good stuff, we recently upgraded our plan for more candidate verifications because we are delighted with SpringVerify. 


My only worry was with education checks that sometimes took time due to the pandemic and many universities being shut down. Then a POC from SpringVerify suggested another plan to help expedite the process, which has helped resolve the only issue we had with background checks in our organisation.

Within 2yrs in India, we had already hired 500+ people; you can imagine the scale at which we were growing. Fortunately, SpringVerify has automated the verification process end to end at Newmark and made verification a no-brainer for our hiring volume. Highly recommend!

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