How MobStac leveraged SpringVerify to reduce the hiring time by 50%


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MobStac is in the business of driving offline commerce and consumer engagement leveraging the mobile device. The platform helps businesses to increase footfalls, generate leads, engage with loyal customers and collect feedback. 

MobStac’s robust platform uses technologies such as Beacons, Wifi, NFC, QR codes in conjunction with consumer mobile devices to deliver the value proposition. Their platform has seen wide adoption across various industry verticals in over 40+ countries. MobStac serves as the perfect catalyst to marry the ubiquity of the mobile device with the growing need to build online style intelligence for the physical world.

The Challenge

MobStac is a SaaS organization looking to scale quickly. Initially, their HR team conducted the verification process manually for each candidate. This involved numerous phone calls, email chains, and constant follow-ups with various organizations.

Not only was this time-consuming, but it also led to a lot of delays. Moreover, the background checks were very basic and did not include ID verification or checking for criminal records. 

The Solution

The MobStac HR team quickly realized that the manual verification process was not feasible in the long run. With almost 8-10 candidates joining in a month, they needed a solution that could automate the process and thoroughly vet candidates as well. 

SpringVerify conducted a demo for the MobStac team taking them through the process right from adding a candidate, documentation verification, and insufficiencies that are raised by the system. The team was impressed with the seamless UI, intuitive dashboard, and completely automated process. 

The Impact

Since using SpringVerify, MobStac has seen remarkable results. They have conducted successful verification for 20 candidates and have seen a 50% reduction in time-to-hire. 

With MobStac looking to double its strength in the next six months, SpringVerify has paved the way for quality hires in a short time.

The impact - MobStac

SpringVerify is for both small businesses & large enterprises. The simplicity and ease of usage make it appropriate for any business scale. Especially for small businesses with limited resources and small hiring teams, automating helps them use their time more efficiently. SpringVerify aims to take responsibility for background verification end-to-end and free up users’ time for more important tasks.

Want to know how SpringVerify can reduce your time-to-hire?

Updated on Dec 03 2023

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