With SpringVerify, Hypersonix Completely Automates Background Checks to Fully Safeguard Their Client Data.


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Hypersonix is an enterprise AI decisioning platform for commerce that enables companies to drive profitable revenue growth. Acting as the central nervous system that connects to core systems of business, Hypersonix stitches together first and third-party data into a unified business and data layer, delivering actionable insights and recommendations.

We spoke to Manu Panwar – HR Business Partner at Hypersonix. 

Below is a transcription of the discussion where she shares her experience using SpringVerify.

“We are a data company. We work with huge clients and their data, due to which compliance is essential for our business.”

Our people are our assets, and trust becomes the cornerstone of every relationship. But as they say, “trust but verify” is critical considering the high cost of a breach. In recruitment and onboarding, verification is a crucial factor. We were looking for partners to help us with verification and found SpringVerify to be the best fit.

“A representative from the SpringVerify team is available round the clock to help us with anything we need.”

The portal was straightforward to use, we only had to upload the essential details, and everything else was taken care of by the SpringVerify team. We always look for people who can join immediately, and it is vital to have a quick and seamless system considering the numerous opportunities that every suitable candidate receives in the market today.

We could quickly initiate verifications from our end, and then it takes less than 24hrs to get the basic identity check cleared, which helps us expedite the process.  They were fast, reliable, and flexible—it was all that was needed.

“In the last six months, we have verified hundreds of candidates using SpringVerify.”

I searched for a simple portal and digital address verification feature, considering the remote work culture. Finally, I found it on SpringVerify. No paperwork, no extra steps, and that is precisely what we wanted from the service provider.

“SpringVerify’s flexible pricing plan has a solution for every size of requirement.”

With Springverify ticking all the right boxes on cost competitiveness, ease of use, credibility, and track record – it was easy to make a call.

“We go through internal & external audits every year. And the verification reports are convenient when the auditing team raises questions.”

SpringVerify helps us stay compliant; we are supposed to keep our records very clean as a data company. The reports have precise details such as the date, time-taken, the discussions we have had and so much more, all in one place. Even the details about the red flags are mentioned in the report, and we can quickly clarify queries raised by the auditing team through this information. 

“We can maintain the desired hiring/onboarding speed because we have zero bottlenecks in terms of verifications.”

Once we decide on hiring a candidate and the offer is accepted, it’s just about filling the form that takes less than a minute. It has always been easy; there are no unnecessary email exchanges, follow-ups, or other time-consuming steps. SpringVerify has been very user-friendly all along.  

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