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HackerEarth is the most comprehensive developer assessment software that helps companies to accurately measure the skills of developers during the recruiting process. More than 1000 companies across the globe use HackerEarth to improve the quality of their engineering hires and reduce the time spent by recruiters on screening candidates. Over the years, HackerEarth has also built a thriving community of 4.5M+ developers that come to HackerEarth to participate in hackathons and coding challenges to assess their skills and compete in the community.

We spoke to Asmita Paul, Senior Human Resources Generalist, HackerEarth, on how switching to SpringVerify has optimized the hiring process and reduced repetitive manual work of the HR team. Read on.

Can you tell us about HackerEarth and your role as the senior HR?

HackerEarth is an online coding assessment platform. We help organizations hire rockstar developers through quality assessments. Our platform also helps coders and developers to hone their skills and self-assess. My bucket as the senior HR involves many functions. For recruitment, I am involved in sourcing, scheduling interviews, vetting the candidates for culture fit, and overseeing the onboarding process.

What is the hiring process at HackerEarth, and how did you conduct background checks?

The hiring process involves using various channels for sourcing candidates and then sending them the assessment link. The candidates that clear the assessment are shortlisted for the interview rounds. Background verification has been a part of HackerEarth; however, we were unhappy with the earlier vendor. They had a not-so-friendly platform; initiating the checks was manual. Our team spent hours trying to piece together the entire background verification journey. Additionally, the turnaround time was way higher than industry standards. For example, for a couple of candidates, our team has received the reports after 6 months of their joining.

What made you select SpringVerify as HackerEarth’s background verification tool?

SpringVerify was extremely easy to use. You just had to upload the candidate’s CV, and the process was initiated. The dashboard gave a real-time update on each candidate’s verification progress. We could easily visualize the ROI with SpringVerify. The automated platform, interim reports, and the quick turnaround time easily saved us 3-4 hours daily. All information was right there in a compact, easy-to-view format. Importantly, it saved us the hassle of lengthy email chains.

What has been the impact after you have switched to SpringVerify?

We switched to SpringVerify in September 2020 and have seen a positive impact. We have been able to eliminate manual and repetitive work. That has saved us almost 40% of our time and allows us to focus on priority tasks. Earlier, we had to intervene and initiate follow-ups with both the earlier vendor and candidates. With SpringVerify, we are no longer doing this. We only step in to talk to the candidate about an issue with their documentation. 

What do you like the most about SpringVerify?

I would say the dashboard is fantastic. It provides visibility to the process, and my team and I require zero-intervention, which is a win-win. Verification turnaround time is also good. The basic checks are carried out real quick, which helps us immensely. For more detailed checks such as educational, employment, or criminal, SpringVerify has a decent turnaround time, and it’s always great to get complete details on a candidate before they join. 

Our Take

SpringVerify empowers top companies such as HackerEarth to ensure seamless and authentic background verification, eliminate repetitive and manual tasks, and save time.

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last updated Dec 11 2023

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