How Fountane Inc streamlined its hiring process with SpringVerify’s automated background verification tool


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Fountane Inc, one of the fast-growing software companies, empowers start-ups and SMEs to ship products faster, better, and attain scalability. Fountane is transforming the marketplace with its digital studio and venture labs and shaping tomorrow’s technology.

The Challenge

Fountane wanted to expand its team from 35 to 55 employees by the mid of 2022. With the hiring goals in place, the HR team at Fountane wanted to streamline the entire hiring process to get quality candidates in a short time.

Since in-person hiring was not feasible and the team still working remotely across India, the HR team wanted a robust verification process to be a part of the hiring strategy. When the team started the verification process by themselves, they faced challenges such as: 

  • Manual verification process was time-intensive 
  • Delays due to numerous follow-ups via emails and phone calls
  • Fear of documentation loss/storage due to manual process/human error
  • Zero-visibility on the verification status of each candidate

The Solution

Fountane’s team finalized SpringVerify after evaluating multiple options. The team was impressed with the end-to-end automated process, the prompt customer success team, and the intuitive dashboard. 

The tool was implemented in a week, and Fountane’s HR team was set to verify candidates at scale. The team has already started reaping the benefits of a reliable background verification process.

The Impact

Fountane’s team is now empowered to make data-driven hiring decisions. There is complete visibility on the candidate’s verification process, and the HR team is kept in the loop of each development. 

SpringVerify’s automated background verification process allows Fountane’s HR team to focus on other areas of talent acquisition and ensure that only thoroughly vetted candidates join the organization.

the impact

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Updated on Nov 29 2023

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