How SpringVerify helped Entomo structure candidate verification and identified misinformation during hiring.


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Entomo is a modern performance management software built for the ‘future of work.’ Powering 30mn+ users, it enables ‘enterprises of tomorrow’ to drive performance by aligning goals and nudging actionable insights to distributed & remote teams. Entomo’s clients include Global fortune 500 and large enterprises and governments across Asia and MEA. It is also voted leader in the G2 software marketplace across multiple categories.

We spoke to Ashwini P Arvind Santosh – People Operations Manager, India, to understand her experience from using SpringVerify. Below is a transcription of the discussion we had with her.

What was your requirement?

Entomo is an ISO-certified organization, and as a part of the compliance guidelines, a background check for every candidate we hire is mandatory. Apart from that aspect, we use job portals, referrals, and several other sources to hire candidates; hence making background checks critical to employing genuine talent.

What problem were you trying to solve when looking for a background verification partner?

The background checking process was done internally before we onboarded SpringVerify. The Human Resources team usually got good feedback because the references shared by the candidates mainly were their acquaintances. But we realized that it was not the best way of doing a verification as we may not get genuine feedback.

Now that I have SpringVerify, I can make out a difference. We are informed about a candidate in detail and the companies he has worked with.

What aspects would you rate as Excellent about SpringVerify?

  • The one-view feature on the dashboard displays all the consolidated numbers for pending checks, insufficiencies, progress, etc. It makes it quick and easy to monitor.
  • The in-detail report for each candidate comes attached with every necessary document. And it also includes a copy of the conversation between the SpringVerify representative and the candidate, which provides good insight into the candidate.
  • I would also rate SpringVerify as excellent in finding issues during the background checks.  

Our Take

Apart  from being mandatory for compliance, background verification is critical for the safety of the company assets, information, employees, and brand image. A small step towards a safer work environment. 

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last updated Dec 09 2023

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