How Ed-tech giant Edureka makes their candidate onboarding a delightful experience with SpringVerify


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Edureka is a platform for all the upskilling needs of today’s young-age professionals. Students of Edureka can upgrade their skills with advanced executive courses across domains such as Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Programming, Application Development, Supply Chain Management, Product Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, and Operations Management, amongst others. 

We spoke to Anamika Sharma – Human Resources Specialist at Edureka, about her experience using SpringVerify. Below is a transcription of her responses during our discussion.

Why is background verification essential?

Background Verification is essential for employees. Some candidates might be working for competitors, which is strictly not allowed as per most company policies. When we onboard someone into a firm, they work closely with other departments/teams and are often entrusted with resources and sensitive information. Anything that goes wrong puts multiple people’s efforts at risk and incurs a huge cost to the company.

What do you love about SpringVerify?

The onboarding team at Edureka uses SpringVerify to take care of the background verification process. It has primarily improved the candidate onboarding experience, and we are pleased about that.

Previously it was a little hectic adding candidates one by one to initiate background verifications. But your new feature launches are improving our background verification experience with time.

The online payments and wallet recharge feature have also worked well for us; it’s pretty easy to get that done on the SpringVerify portal. All the steps of the background verification process on a single portal, start to finish.  

HRs are responsible for ensuring candidates are verified and reliable people are onboarded in a company. It is a huge responsibility, and SpringVerify makes this job so easy for us with its verification accuracy and process efficiency.

What are your thoughts on our customer service?

Customer Support is really wonderful. The SpringVerify team is prompt and timely whenever I have an issue/query, either on calls or emails. I’ve never had a problem connecting with them. In fact, sometimes, when we have some minor suggestions or would like to improve specific parts of the process, the POC is very informed and is in a position to provide customised solutions to make our life easy. This enhances our experience even more. 

I’m delighted with the service of SpringVerify. Even if I leave and someone else takes over, SpringVerify is very simple and easy to adapt to. In addition, customer support is beneficial and has made the background verification process a pleasant experience for us here at Edureka.

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