Impressed by SpringVerify in India DeepSource switched to SpringVerify even for its San Francisco team. Here’s why!


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DeepSource is a static analysis platform that continuously analyzes source code changes, finds and fixes issues categorized as security, performance, anti-patterns, and bug risks. DeepSource integrates with GitHub/GitLab and analyzes every commit and pull request, discovering and fixing potential issues before making it to production.


We spoke to Jai Pradeesh – Co-Founder at DeepSource, about his experience using SpringVerify. The below information is a transcription of his responses during our discussion.

What was your requirement?

DeepSource deals with source code which is confidential information for companies. To maintain security, we need to have standard compliance called SOC2 in order to have the best security practice. Companies that want to follow best practices of security use SOC2 compliance.  As part of SOC2 compliance, companies must background check every employee they hire. That’s how we came up with the requirement for background verification.

Why SpringVerify?

I found SpringVerify through a reference. 


The onboarding was great. It was a simple product and was easy to use. We were up and running within a week. 


The highlight for us was that we only had to fill in the candidate’s basic information, and everything else is automated. It saved us time and effort spent in follow-ups and email exchanges with the candidate.


Want to know how SpringVerify can streamline your hiring process

What do you think about our Customer Service and User Experience?


The customer service was great. We hardly need to get in touch with a representative because everything is automated. But the few times we did contact them, the issues were resolved quickly and professionally. So I would rate it 9/10. 


The user experience is fine. For the objective, it needs to do the job in a simple and fast manner. I would rate it 10/10. 

Our Take

Many high-growth companies are setting up teams globally and the USA is almost the first place for expansion. We understand the needs of our customers and have an established background verification service available for the USA too. Talk to us to know more.

Want to know how SpringVerify can streamline your hiring process

Updated on Nov 27, 2023

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