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Datacultr is a Dubai-based company founded in 2020, with a presence in UAE, India and Singapore. Datacultr is a Platform as a Service that allows consumer lending companies to significantly reduce their risk on ‘New to Credit’ customers. Datacultr allows the lender to give out unsecured loans, at a lower risk, by allowing borrowers to present their newly purchased or existing Smartphone as a collateral.

For the Unbanked & Underserved user, such loans that ride on Datacultr’s technology begin their journey of building a robust credit score, enabling access to bigger loans in the future. Datacultr has combined technology with the basic financial service and created a simple and fair offering for those who need it the most.

Currently, the platform is live across Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Africa and Central America. with multiple exciting opportunities and a strong pipeline.

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We spoke to Sujoy Ghosh – Co-Founder & CTO at Datacultr about his experience using SpringVerify. The below information is a transcription of his responses during our discussion. 

What was your requirement?

As part our ISO 27001 compliance journey, we were required to ensure that all our new hires were background verified. Further given the sensitivity of the data processed by us, we believed that it would strengthen our resource pool when we onboard talent from across the country. 

What were your criteria for choosing a background verification partner?​​

  • We are growing at a significant pace, and the overall turnaround time was an important factor.
  • Further since we were just getting started with verification and this was our first time, we wanted flexibility in the packages to try and figure out what works for us.
  • The cost was an obvious comparison; we wanted something competitive & basic to start with.

What caught your attention during the demo?

The Digital Address Verification caught my attention. It essentially speeds up the verification process, so I was quite interested in that feature.  


How has your overall experience been with us from demo to verification?

I did a significant amount of search before submitting the demo request. However, the overall experience was very good, which essentially helped me jump over the fence. The SpringVerify team ensured that I did not drop off during the process and kept me engaged throughout.

The sales representative knew what he was dealing with; the process was simple. I believe the representative was quite professional in addressing that as well.

The customer success team took over immediately after the agreement, and the onboarding process started, which was very smooth &, most importantly, once again simple. I would say they know how to handle new customers.

Also, the feeling that you get during the interactions matter, and I was quite impressed with how every step of the journey was planned and detailed. 

What difference did you feel when you did verifications in-house and after you onboarded SpringVerify?

We manually verified whatever we could, which was not very informative or accurate. So having a system in place made a lot of sense. There is a seamless process that SpringVerify follows, which helps give us a fair view of the candidate history to make a better decision. 


What is the most valuable feature of SpringVerify according to you?

The feedback we get about insufficiencies is very detailed and documented. It helps us get every bit of information about it and helps us evaluate the situation better. That is where we underline value. So I would hold SpringVerify in good regard for the inputs we get for every verification. 

What do you think about our customer service and user experience?

I have barely had any interaction with customer service, and there was no need. The dashboard has been sufficient & the automated emails give us every other detail. So, there’s little to no need to get in touch with a customer service team for SpringVerify. But for the way we have been informed and taken care of from the beginning, I would rate the service – 10/10.

Our Take

SpringVerify never categorizes candidates based on the checks. We share a detailed candidate verification report, so detailed that it equips the company to take a call based on all the information shared.   

Ask to see a demo of our detailed verification report now.  

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