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Blue Ridge is a supply chain management platform. It blends the disciplines of supply chain demand planning and pricing together under a fully configurable cloud-based platform. The Blue Ridge planning and pricing platform give business leaders app simplicity that uniquely integrates data science-rich inventory forecasting capabilities with price optimization insights. From modeling, right-sizing inventory, and transparency, Blue Ridge bases success on increases in customer profitability and service levels. 

We recently spoke to Poorva Gore, Executive HR, Blue Ridge to understand her thoughts on SpringVerify as the background verification partner and how this partnership has benefitted Blue Ridge Global. Read on.

How does background verification fit into your hiring process?

At Blue Ridge, we follow a sublime hiring process. The candidate goes through 2-3 rounds of interviews including a technical round. Once the panel decides that the candidate has the required skills for the job, HR conducts a final round to assess the culture fitness. 

Right now we are hiring pan India for software engineers, product engineers, and such roles. We have to ensure that the candidates shortlisted are thoroughly vetted. Background verification in my opinion is extremely important when hiring a diverse workforce that is located all over the country. A thoroughly vetted candidate eliminates the risk of a bad hire that can potentially cost us our reputation and customers as well. So yeah, background verification is very much a part of our hiring process.

Why SpringVerify?

Background verification is important but partnering with an apt platform is equally important. We want to ensure that the checks are done thoroughly, there is complete transparency and visibility, and importantly should be easy to use. SpringVerify checked all these boxes. 

How does this partnership benefit Blue Ridge?

Honestly, this partnership has ensured that we hire only thoroughly vetted candidates. The discrepancies are highlighted and our team can then take a call if we can move ahead or take back the offer letter. What we like is that it is a data-driven approach. A candidate sometimes may not have the required documents for XYZ reasons. Once it is highlighted we can initiate a dialogue with the candidate and decide further course of action. The number of checks and the authenticity assures that we hire candidates with good records and clean backgrounds. 

What do you love about SpringVerify?

We have been using SpringVerify for 1.5 years now and it has enhanced our hiring process in every way. I love the fact that we can just enter the candidate details and the platform will take it from there. 

The ease of use for my team and the seamless experience for the candidate are two things that instantly come to mind. Apart from this, SpringVerify screens the candidate on their previous employment, court records, and document verification which works really well for us. 

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last updated Dec 06 2023

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