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Appknox is the world’s most powerful plug & play mobile app security solution used by enterprises worldwide to detect threats in their apps within minutes. Appknox is also listed on Gartner’s list of top mobile app security testing solutions.

Appknox ensures the security of the mobile app from hackers in just 4 easy steps. AppKnox is being used by Fortune 500 companies and enterprises across the globe. 

We recently spoke to Harshit Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Appknox, about his hiring strategy, how background verification is a must, and how quality hires help build a dream team. Read on.


The Challenge: Eliminating manual verification from the hiring process

Harshit is closely involved in the hiring process for Appknox. Since Appknox works for fintech enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, hiring candidates with a clean and verified background was a prerequisite. 

“Appknox empowers companies to push world-class mobile apps faster without compromising on security. This means that our team involved in developing and handling data must also be thoroughly vetted and trustworthy,’ says Harshit. 

The biggest challenge for Harshit and the team was ensuring an authentic background verification process without putting in manual efforts, going around in circles with emails, and collecting documents. 

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The Solution: SpringVerify fits into the process seamlessly; reducing manual efforts

Today, Appknox uses SpringVerify as its background verification partner for all profiles. As soon as the candidate gets shortlisted and accepts the offer letter, SpringVerify sends them a link to upload all the relevant documents. The candidate uploads the documents, and the verification status is uploaded to the dashboard. 

Harshit shares a recent incident. Appknox rolled out the offer letter, and after due diligence from SpringVerify, shipped the Macbook to the candidate. After receiving the Macbook, the candidate refused to entertain calls, messages, or emails from the Appknox team. 

“Thanks to SpringVerify, we had the photo id and the verified address of the candidate. This helped us track him down and recover the asset. If we had not done the verification, the recovery would have been difficult, and it would have been a setback for us.”

The Impact: Ensuring quality hires and enhanced candidate experience

Since using SpringVerify, Appknox has conducted 35 successful verifications, and Appknox’s customers are extremely satisfied with the verification reports. Appknox is on the path to expansion, and SpringVerify is helping them build a team of top-quality candidates. 

“The dashboards are pretty impressive; my team is always on top of the process and can see the verifications done, the insufficiencies raised very clearly. The impact SpringVerify has made is invaluable; we are confident of our hires, and so are our customers.”



SpringVerify is for both small businesses & large enterprises. The simplicity and ease of usage make it appropriate for any business scale. Especially for small businesses with limited resources and small HR teams, automating helps them use their time more efficiently. SpringVerify aims to take responsibility for background verification end-to-end and free up users’ time for more important tasks.

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Updated on Nov 30 2023

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